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About Us

Welcome to Periwinkle’s Toy Shoppe!  At Periwinkle’s you will find unique, quality, classic and the newest and greatest toys!  A magical place nestled in the quaint downtown area of Camas, WA. A place where we are hoping to have the imagination of all ages enhanced, spark your imagination if it needs a little flame or give you all the good feels by just visiting and making your day a little better.


Dave Kesmodel, Owner and biggest kid of all

Dave will tell you, as he has told many, Kesmodel means, “Maker of the cheese.” Whether that’s true is a mystery, but Dave is a major cheeseball. He will be the main guy manning this imagination creation. Dave is a true kid at heart and is excited to share his childlike wonder with the town of Camas. Stop by and get Dave to do one of his many Disney voices and watch him spark joy in the littles of Camas. Dave, and all of the Kesmodel family, are looking forward to introducing you to Periwinkle’s Toy Shoppe.


Heather Kesmodel, Owner and adult in the family

For years, the idea of opening a toy shoppe in the Downtown Camas area always came up in conversation, but seemed like a dream.  Welp, here’s to dreams coming true! Heather has always loved meeting and getting to know kids and their families in the Camas community. To begin a journey where generations will remember Periwinkle’s, and know the nostalgia it will surely bring, makes it all worthwhile. 

Cool side note: Heather is a 4th generation Camasonian. Her great-grandparents planted their roots here in Camas, WA. They built and ran various businesses, notably the One-Stop Shopping Center on 3rd Avenue. It was known as the Northwest’s first shopping center!